Frosh Help

Frosh Help is a publication of the E-Council designed to ease the transition of freshmen into the engineering department. We’d like to thank all the department secretaries who provided and reviewed information, previous authors and editors of Frosh Help to whom we owe quite a bit of text and much saved time, and the ever-present and ever-helpful Dean Bogucki.

Also check out our Links page for academic help. Adrian Banner is an extremely rare breed for a math teacher.

Table of Contents

Foreword: Yet another welcome letter

Chapter 1 — About Engineering: What in the world am I getting into?

Chapter 2 — Home sweet E-Quad and a quick geography lesson

Chapter 3 — Battle of the Bachelors: AB versus BSE

Chapter 4 — The Frosh Canon, or “So what courses are you taking?”

Chapter 5 — Survival: Probably not the kind you learned on OA

Chapter 6 — Settling in and looking ahead

Chapter 7 — People to know, and a very important three-letter word

Chapter 8 — So what’s your major?

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Let us know (email us) and we’ll try to provide you with a sufficient answer. This has the added benefit of improving Frosh Help for future generations.

Find something outdated? Changes happen all the time, and we do all we can to anticipate them. However, we write with the perspective of the past for the benefit of those yet to come, and are not always kept abreast of changes occurring in the engineering school. Again, let us know (email us) and we’ll issue a correction as soon as possible.

The bottom line. If you really need an accurate answer to an obscure question, especially one about academic requirements, it always helps to ask someone in the actual department — that is, a faculty or staff member. Mountains can be moved. To be quite honest, my life at Princeton has been utterly transformed by the good graces and advice of departmental secretaries. So can yours.